To support healthcare but also to advise certain African countries on health policy development strategies, the Group has just set up a partnership with a social fund for the security forces and civil protection of the Republic of Guinea.

The agreement stipulates the evacuation, transfer, reception, care and support of Guinean civil servants from the Ministry of Security and Civil Protection in their care pathways in Tunisia.

For the Guinean party, the agreement was motivated by the reputation of the SMEDI Group in Africa, confirmed by the quality of its services and services appreciated by the many African patients who have experienced it.

For SMEDI, the agreement is the result of a long process of internationalization with investments in medical residences, research into the best specialist practitioners, ongoing staff training and the implementation of advanced certification and quality systems.

This winning partnership should undoubtedly consolidate the notoriety of the SMEDI Group in Africa and suddenly raise the image of Tunisia as a privileged destination for health care and services, especially for patients from neighboring countries and African friends.

Another prospect for the label “Securing in Tunisia”.

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