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Organization of care pathways for patients abroad:
  • Study of the medical file before evacuation
  • Medical evaluation of the file
  • Financial assessment of evacuation costs
  • Establishment of a provisional course of care
  • Establishment of an estimate

The medical concierge

Allowing the patient to focus on his illness, SMEDI will take care of all aspects of logistics, medical and administrative and legal financial supervision of his medical stay:
• Administrative and legal aspects

> Facilitation of visas,authorizations and others

> Legal and administrative protection.

• Logistics support
> Airport reception
> Safe transport during the care pathway
> Obtaining a medical accommodation solution
> Various purchases on behalf of the patient (drugs, medical devices, prostheses, grafts and grafts etc.)

• Financial support
> Monitoring of the budget and Verification of compliance of fees and invoices of service providers
> Obtaining preferential conditions for service provider rates

• Medical assistance
> Assistance in choosing the most efficient and safest health professionals and medical structures
> Medical follow-up throughout the stay by our medical advisor
> Obtaining favorable conditions for appointments and deadlines for medical acts
> Availability of coordinating doctor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
> Reporting, traceability and management of the medical pathway and medical file
> Optimization of care pathways

TPA : Third party administrator

SMEDI CARE is an intermediary between the insurance company and the insured. He is mainly responsible for processing treatment and referral to hospitals and/or clinics allowing him to take advantage of any hospitalization service without cash and without any payment. SMEDI all the supporting documents necessary for a reimbursement request, including invoices, to the insurer.

When submitting a request for reimbursement to SMEDI Care, the insured person is referred to a hospital with which SMEDI Care has a contractual relationship.

TPP : Third party payment of benefits

In addition to the activities of TPA, SMEDI bears here the costs relating to the care of the patient in place of the insurers and other principals.
She is then reimbursed by the insurer on the basis of proof of coverage.

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