Meeting at Tunisair to discuss the promotion of medical tourism in Tunisia

Today, Wednesday, at the Tunisian Airlines headquarters, a meeting was held under the supervision of the CEO of Tunisian Airlines with the President of the Tunisian-Sudanese Cooperation Council, the President of the National Chamber of the Syndicate of Private Clinics, the President of the National University of Health and the Trade Union Chamber of Facilitators, devoted to discussing ways to support Tunisian health tourism

Also, during the meeting, which was attended by a number of high-ranking officials of the national carrier, the proposal to reopen the Tunis-Khartoum line after lifting the ban on the sister Sudan was discussed, as this destination represents economic efficiency, especially in light of the concerted efforts of all parties, especially the provision of a supportive political will to control and implement a national strategy To open additional lines on the African continent

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