Medical tourism in Islamic countries

The executive office, of the trade union chamber for the support of medical services exports, chaired by #M_Ghazi_Mejbri, received on June 16, 2022 at UTICA headquarters, Mr. Majid Zangoei, secretary general of the medical tourism development organization in Islamic Countries (HTDCI) which counts among its members, operators from 38 Islamic countries and 15 from non-Islamic countries.
This meeting aims to initiate cooperation with the chamber and to raise awareness of Tunisia as a destination in Islamic countries.
Mr. Majid Zangoei invited the chamber to participate in the next events organized or sponsored by this organization and in particular the Histourex event which will be held in #Baku in Azerbaijan (June 2022) and the “HPI” event which will take place in #Iran , July 2022 and at the Islamic Countries Medical Tourism Congress, organized by #HTDCI.
The two parties also discussed the organization in Tunis of an upcoming session of the congress which usually brings together hundreds of representatives from several Islamic and non-Islamic countries.
During this meeting, the secretary general of the HTDCI promised to grant facilities to the members of the chamber wishing to participate in this event.

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